Activity and Human Performance Center is a psychological services consulting group dedicated to building a comprehensive treatment program based on a model of self-regulation, which has been documented in the scholarly publications of President and Licensed Psychologist, Dr. Mark H. Seglin.  Our mission is to provide comprehensive social services to individuals and families in an environment that encourages dramatic personal change.  Dr. Seglin has always had a strong commitment to blending his professional work as a psychologist with urgent social missions.  Activity and Human Performance Center is one part of the culmination of that goal.

Our psychological model of “Self-Regulating Activity” is derived from Dr. Seglin’s work in East Orange, where he partnered with psychologists from the former Soviet Union to develop the practical applications of a theoretical framework. Dr. Seglin collaborated with other psychologists to advance the well-known and well respected psychological Activity Theory associated with the great Soviet psychologists into a comprehensive theory of self-regulation, known as Self-Regulating Activity.Dr. Seglin spent a decade helping introduce the Theory of Self-Regulating Activity to American psychological circles. In the past decade he has been working to establish a framework for psychological counseling and consulting for ‘at-risk’ populations for urban schools, corrections, child protective services and community psychology. In 2001, Dr. Seglin founded the Activity and Human Performance Center, LLC as a vehicle for delivering services based on the theory and research of Self-Regulating Activity.

Self-Regulating Activity Theory posits that human behavior is mobilized around conscious goals that anchor and direct the functioning of the various modules of mental functioning within a comprehensive feedback system. Accordingly, the treatment plan begins by taking the goals identified through the intake procedure and developing a system of psychological regulation that aligns situation analyses, motivation, problem solving, communication, socialization, and internal values and standards around goal attainment. Since behavior is a feedback system, a major part of goal seeking behavior consists of developing tools for becoming aware of the needs for goal revisions.